Aroma tdx30S Electric Drum【代Call貨VAN送貨 運費到付】

Aroma tdx30S Electric Drum【代Call貨VAN送貨 運費到付】

最新Aroma TDx 30s 現已有貨😁👍


 standard 5 drums+4 cymbals , 
8 inch mesh snare drum, double triggers, bass drum-pedal+silicone drum, 
8 inch mesh tom drum double triggers, 
11 inch silicone crash and ride cymbal tri-triggers, 
hi hat double triggers. 
20 preset drum sounds, 
5 user setup drum sounds, 
420 sounds totally optional, 
43 coach band music. tempo, 
sound level adjustable, 
record and replay, 
metronome inside. 
Mono/stereo output, 
USD MIDI in and out. 
9V power

  • 【付款&取貨方式】
    PAYPAL(需要額外+收4% Charge)

    有任何問題可以Whatsapp 93064017(ERIC)

HK$4,499.00 Regular Price
HK$4,299.00Sale Price